BUDDIES (2012) Title Card.

BUDDIES (2012)

A film by Judith Plank

Winning Selection in Access Sacramento's 2011 “A Place Called Sacramento”


Brad returns from Iraq only to lose his girlfriend. Depressed, nothing seems to help until an unexpected gift re-opens his heart and shows him that sometimes you need a little help from your friends.


Buddies was selected as on of the ten films to be made for Access Sacramento's “A Place called Sacramento” Screenplay Contest and Film Festival for 2011.

Judith Plank, writer & director of Butterscotch, a 2010, Access Sacramento Place Called Sacramento selection and Festival Director for the Davis Film Festival, has done it again with her incredible story telling of relationships, love, and life.


Brad deals with PTSD after coming home from serving.

Support from family & friends

Brad is offered support from his friends and family, but does not want to look weak and accept it.

Unexpected relationship

Everything has a purpose and everything is alive, if we belive they are.

Cast of Characters

Richard Ryan, Dylan Nelson, Holiday Higgins, Enoch Yeung, Marc Gardner, Laura Luke, Bryton Berdahl, Sally Start, Taylor Helms, Rob Tillitz, Steve Dakota, Aramis Liam.


Writer, Director, and Producer

Judith Plank


Brendan Brooks & Jim Heck


BUDDIES (2012) official movie poster.